The Sensory Deprivation Tank

I first heard about the Sensory Deprivation Tank listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast on Youtube. If you guys remember, Joe Rogan used to host the Fear Factor show back in the day.

fear factor

Now he is a stand-up comedian, actor, martial artist, sports commentator, and Podcaster. Here is Joe Rogan explaining the Sensory Deprivation Tank.

So I looked around online to see if there were any places in El Paso with a Sensory Deprivation Tank. There’s one place that has it. The Float Spa in El Paso.
If you go to their Facebook page they are running a special on Thursdays, 1 hour float sessions for $30. I decided to try it out so I booked an appointment this past Thursday. Overall it was an intimate and powerful experience, I highly recommended for everyone to try it out. Afterwards I felt deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. The more times you do it the better you get at “letting go” and the better experiences you have. I’ll definitely do it again just not sure when.


Check out the JRE Podcast on Youtube, Joe has lots of guests including comedians, book authors, MMA fighters, and more interesting people. Until next time!


My first pair of minimalistic shoes

For a while now I’ve been wanting to own and tryout a pair of minimalistic shoes. I first heard of these type of shoes through a man named Eric Cressey. This guy has his own training facility where he trains elite athletes including baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance. I’ve also seen some of his videos on youtube about body mobility. I spent some time on ebay looking around for some deals, indeed I found one. I bought myself a pair of New Balance MX20v3 Minimus Cross Training Shoes.

new balanceThese run about $90 on amazon. I got them in all black on ebay for $40 including shipping. I made a video where I unboxed them.

The point of wearing minimalistic shoes is that it gives your foot closer contact to the ground resembling being barefooted, which increases ankle mobility and reduces ankle and knee problems in the future. The shoe is lightweight which is great for using in workouts where you want to put more force on the ground such as deadlifts, squats, etc.. Here is Eric Cressey on the MX20v3

A word of caution ….
You should gradually integrate these shoes into your workout or other areas of your life. This will give your feet time to ajust to the minimalistic style of the shoe.
As of now there is a new line of minimalist shoes by New Balance. The MX20v4 is currently their go to shoe for minimalistic training. I will start using mine in work when working outdoors and in the gym when working out, gradually increasing the time wearing the shoe.

Anyways feel free to comment if you have had any experiences with these types of shoes.