Beard Czar 60 day challenge UPDATED

So I was scrolling through Facebook one day and came across an ad for Beard Czar. The ad had said celebrities were using it such as Drake and Keanu Reeves. Now I myself don’t have any facial hair at all. I can barely grow some chin hair and that’s about it. So I decided to order a bottle of Beard Czar for $90 and post my journey on Youtube. The bottle comes with 60 supplements and recommends to take 2 supplements a day for 30 days. I wanted to make my bottle last so I decided to take 1 supplement a day for 60 days to see what effect it had on my facial hair. My journey begins below.

UPDATE 1/28/2017 – So someone had messaged me on my Facebook page saying that Beard Czar was a scam and that it was a supplement bottle under the label. I couldn’t believe it so I decided to take the label off myself to see if this was true.

It turns out “Beard Czar” was Kera Gro supplement. After googling for Beard Czar there was like 5 different websites selling different bottles and trials. I lost my faith in beard czar. Someone on my channel had commented to try Minoxidil which got me curious again. It will have to wait until I finish my Kera Gro supplements.


Tools of Titans Book Review

What up ya’ll

Today’s book review is about Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferris, he’s the author of the “4 hour workweek”, “4 hour chef”, and “4 hour body”. He also has his own podcast “The Tim Ferris Show”.

His book “Tools of Titans” is about the guests he’s had on his podcast. Tim distills the most important lessons, stories, tools, quotes, books and other successful habits of his amazing podcast guests.