Expert Secrets

This book is the matrix behind webinar advertising, funnel advertising and seminar advertising. Russell does a great job of explaining the marketing tactics that he himself uses to promote his clickfunnel business. Russell lays out everything from how to create a movement that others will pay to follow, how to sell your story, how to have answers for any objections from your fans to webinar pitching and seminar secrets. My 2 takeaways were:

  1. Your business/product should be the vehicle to the success they are looking for. For example, the way to increase sales and make more money is through SALES FUNNELS, and the best way to succeed at sales funnels is through CLICK FUNNELS. Once the customer is convinced that your vehicle is the only way to make more money and or succeed then the customers will sell themselves.
  2. SEMINAR CLOSING. Russell studied some of his friends who would make half a million dollars in a seminar. By the end of the seminar, most of the room was lined up in the back ready with their credit cards. HOW? Russell’s friend explained some tactics that he uses, the first one is called “trial closes”. This is asking small questions from the audience to get compliance as well as to get the audience to start nodding their heads up and down. This serves as a subconscious primer and gets the audience in a higher buying state. Examples of trial closing lines include: “Are you guys ready?”, “Are you guys getting it?”, “This is awesome right?” If the audience is nodding throughout most of the seminar then they have a higher chance of buying. The last tactic Russell’s friend shared was “the stack”. Each offered presented throughout the seminar gets stacked at the end so the audience can ALL see the offers presented not just the last one. This makes it seem that the pitch has more value for the money. Hopefully you check out the book and learn the rest of the “Expert Secrets”.
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Today’s book review is on “Unshakeable” Tony Robbins. I’ve read most of Tony Robbins’s books such as “Unlimited Power”, “Awaken the Giant Within”, and “Money Master the Game”. This book was like an overview that was trimmed down and updated. I read his previous financial books “Money Master the Game” and the updated version. His first book got me to open up an Index Fund with Vanguard. I started with $3,000 last year with VFINX and now its up to about $4,700 and I’ve probably invested around $100 bucks a month on and off. His new book Unshakeable goes over the essential principles of passive investing as well as some new insights on new discoveries and psychological biases. HIGHLY recommended reading if you’re thinking about investing in the stock market.