Beyond Biocentrism Book Review

Eyyy its me again, back again with another one for my book club.
Today’s book is on the sequel to my previous review of Biocentrism by Robert Lanza. This book is called Beyond Biocentrism. The book goes deeper into the principles laid out in the first book and helps the reader understand some history that went on as well as to explain why it all makes sense. The main takeaways for me were on the topic of time and how it exists in our minds. The second take away was that planet earth is fined tuned for life, any modification such as the increase in gravity or lack of oxygen would make it impossible for life to happen. Very eye opening section which makes you believe that we are no accident. The universe is fined tuned for life as it should be because we create the universe. Check out the book for the whole fascinating explanation and other insights!


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