How to reduce your electricity bill by switching to LED light bulbs!

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my LED bulbs that I recently switched over to. The ones that I got today are ones that are going in my refrigerator that’s in my kitchen and garage:

So these LEDs use 4.5 watts each. I have 4 bulbs in my fridge. So 4.5 x 4=18 watts total.

The OLD ones …. I had 3 bulbs that were 40 watts each and 1 that was 25 watts so 3 x 40 =120 watts + 25 watts = 145 watts TOTAL compared to the LEDs 18 watts. So my math is kinda off but I think i’m saving about 75% or more in watts! For just one refrigerator!

Unfortunately …

I couldn’t replace the ones in my garage refrigerator so 😦

NEXT are the ones that I use in my home:

These LEDs use 7.5 watts each. I have 20 bulbs in my home so 7.5 x 20 = 150 watts. Compared to the old CFLs which used 14 watts each 14 x 20 = 280 watts. So I would say i’m saving a little less than 50% in watts usage.


I had 2 CFL tubes each using 32 watts in my kitchen and 2 other ones in my garage. So 32 x 2 = 64 watts (kitchen) and 32 x 2 = 64 watts (garage). I replaced all 4 tubes with 2 Philips LED tubes:

So NOW in my kitchen I have 1 LED tube using 14.5 watts and another one in my garage using 14.5 watts. The total watts comparison is LED 29 watts total vs CFL 128 watts total. So that’s another 75%+ in savings on watt usage!

Anyways just wanted to share my LED lights with you guys. If you have other efficient lights that you use, let me know in the comments!



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