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Today’s book review is on “Unshakeable” Tony Robbins. I’ve read most of Tony Robbins’s books such as “Unlimited Power”, “Awaken the Giant Within”, and “Money Master the Game”. This book was like an overview that was trimmed down and updated. I read his previous financial books “Money Master the Game” and the updated version. His first book got me to open up an Index Fund with Vanguard. I started with $3,000 last year with VFINX and now its up to about $4,700 and I’ve probably invested around $100 bucks a month on and off. His new book Unshakeable goes over the essential principles of passive investing as well as some new insights on new discoveries and psychological biases. HIGHLY recommended reading if you’re thinking about investing in the stock market.



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I’m here with another book review, really enjoyed this one. It’s call “Pre-Sausion” by Robert Cialdini. It talks about how people are influence by external factors before they make decisions or buy things. One example in the book was when some people wanted to get shoppers from grocery stores to get a survey. They would come up to these shoppers and ask “Would you like to take this survey?” Some said yes and some said no. The researchers did a modification to their approach. Now they would ask the shoppers “Do you consider yourself to be a helpful person?” The shopper would respond “yes I do”, then came “would you like to take this survey”. This increased the number of people who took the survey. The exact percentage is in the book. This was an eye opening thing for me. I highly recommend to read the book for more examples and in depth explanations of what is going on.