Reality Transurfing

Hey what’s up

I’m back again with another book review. Today’s book is a very good one it’s called Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. This book is mostly about inner game, how the world works, law of attraction type of stuff.
It’s a pretty long book, will definitely read again in a couple of years. The things that have stuck with me are to improve your relationship to the world. The book says that the world is a mirror of our relationship to it, so if you are a pessimistic person then the world will show its pessimistic side to you. Same goes if you are optimistic, the world will show its optimistic side to you. There is some lag to this and it will not always go as you intended. The book gives you some affirmations to start improving your relation ship to the world such as “My world takes care of me”, and “I let the world take care of me”. Remember to support your affirmations with action as well. The book goes deep into this type of stuff so if this is something you are interested then I highly recommend to check out the book! Till next time.


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