Hustler Hacks Meetup El Paso

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It’s been a while … Today’s post is going to be on the Hustler Hacks Meetup in El Paso, TX. First a background story on how I found out about Hustler Hacks. It was through Gary Vaynerchuk pretty much, he released the #2017flipchallenge video at the beginning of the year. Because of that video, I started following Reezy Resells who is a 10 year veteran Amazon FBA reseller. In one of his videos he did a live interview on Youtube with this guy “Hustler Hacks” the interview was about how he spent $10,000 to go see Garyvee in New York for the Daily Digital Deep Dive program. It was a great interview. After a month or so, I decided to get on Google and play with some keywords: “gary vaynerchuk el paso”. This vlog popped up and it said  “from EPTX to NEW YORK” and I was like who is this guy! It was Hustler Hacks! Turns out he was from the same hometown as I …… EL PASO, TX!!! After that I started following on social media. Shortly after he announced a meetup tour, Phoenix, El Paso, Dallas etc …. That’s when I signed up and decided to meetup with him and other resellers from El Paso. To summarize what Hustler Hacks does he resells shoes, jerseys, from Ross, guitar hero guitars and other things on ebay, amazon, he also does some Amazon Merch, hosts a podcast “Merch Minds”. Here is the link to an article on him:

Check out his vlog below



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Today’s book review is on “Unshakeable” Tony Robbins. I’ve read most of Tony Robbins’s books such as “Unlimited Power”, “Awaken the Giant Within”, and “Money Master the Game”. This book was like an overview that was trimmed down and updated. I read his previous financial books “Money Master the Game” and the updated version. His first book got me to open up an Index Fund with Vanguard. I started with $3,000 last year with VFINX and now its up to about $4,700 and I’ve probably invested around $100 bucks a month on and off. His new book Unshakeable goes over the essential principles of passive investing as well as some new insights on new discoveries and psychological biases. HIGHLY recommended reading if you’re thinking about investing in the stock market.